Sunday 24 April 2022

Ipad iMovie exports not completing - sound / speeded up clip fix

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Random tip of the day. My daughter needed help exporting a movie from iMovie on her iPad.  Running iOS 15.4.1 and the current version of iMovie, her 3 minute movie wouldn't export.  We tried a couple of things, including trying to airdrop it to a MacBook Pro, but airdrop will try to export it then airdrop it so we had the same problem.

The problem was that the export would get to about 75% quite quickly, then slow down and never complete.  After a few Google searches and YouTube videos, we found the solution linked below.  For some reason there appears to be a bug in iMovie with any speeded up clips with sound.  My daughter had a clip that was speeded up, so as suggested in the YouTube video when I detached the sound and deleted it, the export worked fine.  Hopefully of use to others !


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