Sunday 24 April 2022

Krups XN250 Nespresso coffee machine repair

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 This is the second time I've had to fix my Krups Nespresso machine, but as it's about a 20 minute job and the part costs about £5, that's fine with me.

The symptoms are that the machine appears to work fine, but the coffee is not dispensed into the cup, but down the back of the machine into the drip tray.  The video below gives a good detailed summary of what to do, but the guy in the video repairs the faulty part. In the UK the part is readily available on Amazon or Partmaster so I just bought a new one.  

As I mentioned above it's clearly a design fault as it's happened twice to me (maybe now I'm drinking more coffee at home due to much more WFH!), the part that breaks has two plastic lugs that over time must wear out and break.  Still a simple fix, the most annoying part is that Krups fit 'safety' Torx screws (about 1'20" into the video) which means it can be a pain to get the outer casing off. I'm managed to use a regular Torx screwdriver, but if you don't have one to hand and need to order one, make sure you get a safety one. 

In the era of iFixit, it seems naughty to me that vendors fit screws that are deliberately made more difficult for home repairers to deal with. I'm sure there's a lawyer somewhere saying, it's to avoid personal injury claims or some similar mealy mouthed excuse.  Anyway it's saved me twice, and is better for the planet.


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