Tuesday 21 April 2015

Ranger 4 DevOps day presentation posted to Speaker Deck

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I've just posted the talk I have at Ranger 4's recent DevOps event at 1 Aldwych.  It's similar in content to the presentation that I did at IBM's Interconnect event a couple of months ago, but is a little longer and more in depth on the journey that Hiscox have been on, in our march towards DevOps.

The session seemed to be well received with plenty of questions at the end.  Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Southern Delay Repay

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While my train was late again this morning, I found the time to look at the Southern Rail passenger charter.  I discovered that when the trains are over 30 minutes late the calculation that Southern make to establish what level of compensation is that they assume I make 546 annual journeys, 10 x 52 plus 1 per weekend per 4 weeks (26).

If the train is 30 minutes late I get 50% of 1/546 of my annual pass.  That equates 1/1092 of the total costs, or less than 0.1% - thanks

In reality with 9 bank holidays (18), 5 weeks holiday (50) and no weekend travel and no sickness, that's more like 546 - 18 - 50 = 478 journeys.  Essentially whichever way you cut it, absolute fleecing...