Wednesday 21 July 2021

Sabbatablog day 9 - dinner at Dell Quay

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 Due to an excellent piece of poor organisation on my behalf - I'd tried to book to take my mum to dinner on her last night visiting us, but managed to get the date wrong ! (we ended up barbecuing at home), I had a spare dinner reservation at a local waterside pub - The Crown and Anchor at Dell Quay.  It's one of the few local places, that is on the water and gets the sun in the evening.

With the weather continuing to be excellent, we had a lovely evening in the sun, a cheeky pint and a burger with the family, the place was heaving but service and quality of food and drinks were excellent, highly recommended.  

Tip for the non-locals, book an outside table if the weather looks good, but a covered garden pod if the weather looks iffy, but note, these don't have a sea view/ in the sun.  The garden pods do get the inside (broader) menu, but the outside table have a slimmed down burger menu (with kids options).


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