Tuesday 21 April 2015

Southern Delay Repay

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While my train was late again this morning, I found the time to look at the Southern Rail passenger charter.  I discovered that when the trains are over 30 minutes late the calculation that Southern make to establish what level of compensation is that they assume I make 546 annual journeys, 10 x 52 plus 1 per weekend per 4 weeks (26).

If the train is 30 minutes late I get 50% of 1/546 of my annual pass.  That equates 1/1092 of the total costs, or less than 0.1% - thanks

In reality with 9 bank holidays (18), 5 weeks holiday (50) and no weekend travel and no sickness, that's more like 546 - 18 - 50 = 478 journeys.  Essentially whichever way you cut it, absolute fleecing...


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