Friday 7 August 2015

Delivery Engineering Team

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Interesting to read Greg Dziemidowicz's Blog (link), thanks to the great DevOps weekly from @GarethR, about how he runs a Delivery Engineering team.

Image - Greg Dziemidowicz

Where I work we setup a Platform Services team run by Jon Fletcher. There's a big disconnect in my view for anyone how has a DevOps team.  We provide a DevOps service, so we help others get better at DevOps concepts, but its not the teams job to do the releases, we help others get better at theirs.  In my mind if you've got a DevOps team doing releases you've just added a silo rather than trying to break them down.

I like Greg's definition of what his team does :

" Delivery engineering team enables others to deliver business value faster "

I was also interested to see his team are responsible for helping reduce new developer laptop setup time, this isn't something our team gets involved in, but it's a fairly easy extension to the teams existing responsibilities.

I think it's equally important to be clear on what's out of scope, the team doesn't do release support, but as they own the DevOps platforms (Puppet, Jenkins, Octopus etc.) they are responsible for support of the platforms that our other teams use.

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