Thursday 7 July 2016

Yamaha RN-301 Networked Amplifier Airplay not working

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I've been having problems with my RN-301 not being able to use it as an Airplay target, the rest of the functions worked fine.  I knew the networking was fine as I could connect to it via the mobile apps over the home wifi, but for some reason Airplay wasn't working.  After trying a firmware upgrade (see my other article here) not fixing it, again I had to resort to old school methods and actually speak to someone.  Ringing tech support is always an ordeal, but I'm pleased to report that Yamaha we're very good, after a little IVR choosing, I got through to a tech support person, who was helpful and knowledgable.

after skipping through have you rebooted your router and the amp (!), he suggested doing a factory reset.  After talking me through how to do this, and a quick reference to the manual, I did this.  As he suggested you can tell the reset has happened,  as the 'friendly name' is reset, and the volume is back to it's default of 40.

once I'd done this, and reconnected to the mobile app, all was working again.  Not entirely sure why it stopped working, but most happy that it's back.

Resetting to defaults is in the advanced menu...

and is on Page 41 of the manual (link

Thanks to Yamaha tech support, very helpful, unfortunately I didn't get the guys name, but he knew what he was talking about.

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  1. Thanks for posting this! Having same intermittent Airplay issue w this model.


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