Monday 1 August 2016

Dan TDM - who knew

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my kids are 12 and soon to be 10, so as we head into the teenage years, my wife and I are expecting less and less conversation and more and more grunts and general huffing (Kevin the teenager behaviour).

However for a couple of hours last night, they were the most animated I've seen them in a long time.  The reason - Dan TDM was in town.  Dan is a Vlogger, who mostly creates videos about Minecraft.  Over the last 5 years Dan has amassed over 11 million subscribers to his Youtube channel.  This is a staggering number in anyone's book.

What really caught me off guard (apart from how excited about seeing him live the kids were) was just the general level of celebrity endowed upon Dan and his wife Gemma.  He seems like a nice enough bloke, and the kids loved the show as you can see from the photo...!

In the cold light of day this morning I looked at who the biggest Vloggers are in the UK.  What's very interesting is that the top 5 is :

  1. One direction
  2. KSI
  3. Adele 
  4. Dan TDM
  5. Zoella

this makes Dan the biggest Youtuber that's not a musician, which is pretty phenomenal when you think about it.

Certain amount of dad kudos (in short supply these days) was Dan liking our tweet...!


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