Wednesday 21 June 2017

Prodrive, Le Mans 2017 and Social Media done right

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For the first time in a few years, I managed to watch a reasonable amount of the the Le Mans coverage this year.  I love a bit of endurance racing, and clearly to us Europeans Le Mans is the biggest race of the year.  I've still never been, something I need to rectify in the very near future !

I missed the actual finish, but via a few friends on social media I was aware of how exciting the finish was in the GTE pro class (spoiler alert) with the Covette and the Aston battling it out right to the very end.  I find it astonishing that after 23 hours 55 minutes and 2,800 miles of hard racing the cars were less than a second apart.

I saw this morning on Prodrive's Facebook page they'd posted the last 5 minutes of the race, plus some post race celebrations.  It's makes for great watching (especially if you're an Aston fan!).

What I really liked though is the interaction between the Prodrive team and the punters on Facebook. Clearly it must have been gut wrenching for the unfortunate Covette team, but I like the comment from the Prodrive team saying that they went and spoke to the Covette team afterwards.  I like that it's a two way conversation with the Facebook followers, and also that even in this highly competitive, big budget world the team still have the humility to go and talk to their competitors

Thats the spirit that all racing should aim to emulate, F1 has much to learn both from a racing spectacle as well as fan interaction.

Here's the video :


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