Thursday 16 April 2020

Staying Safe online

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I was writing some simple advice for a work article about staying safe online, so I thought I'd publish it here.  There's nothing new or revolutionary here, but I've pulled together the links into one article :

Step 1: Make sure your personal accounts are well secured.  We strongly advise you to make sure you have 2 factor authentication )something you know - typically a password, and something you have - typically a text or an app on your phone) for you email and social media accounts, here’s how to do this for the most well-known services :

[last logged in will show you which devices and approximately where (geographically) you are logged in]

Google  :
Last logged in & Setup 2FA :

Facebook :
Last logged in & Setup 2FA :

Twitter :

Instagram : 

Last logged in & Setup 2FA :

Step 2: Be aware of attachments, especially Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) but also ones you don’t recognise (these may include .LNK, .SYM type files) which can also infect a machine.  If you do open an attachment, and it asks you to ‘enable content’ (see screengrab) DON’T CLICK ON IT, it’s almost certainly malicious:
Emotet Macro Malware


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