Friday, 16 July 2021

Sabbatablog day 4 - Visiting Bath

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 We're in Bath for a couple of days primarily to celebrate Mrs W's birthday, but it's also the first night we've spent away from the kids for about 18 months, largely due to the pandemic.

It won't go down as the most cultural of trips, but much fun was had spending time together, being indulgent (shopping, daytime drinking, and lots of eating), so a much needed reconnect and recharge.

We stayed at Hotel Indigo (recommended, we like the one in York, and while this one is a bit posher, all the bits you want to work still do (great, attentive staff, free mini bar etc.). It's got a lovely city centre location, and a great bar to sit outside at and watch the world go by.

We ate at Pintxo the first night (good, very reasonably priced tapas), we sat outside among the main young diners, definitively raising the average age.  Food from the daily specials was great, if not that far off the beaten track.  We did also get a recommendation for Ole tapas, but didn't get to try that.

Last night we ate at Henry's which I'd guess you'd call modern European.  A fixed 5 or 7 course tasting menu, also with veggie options.  We went 5 course, with meat and fish. Yellowfin Tuna, crab raviolo (the singular of ravioli as I learnt last night). Followed up with an amazing beetroot dish (generally I hate beetroot), then amazing lamb, and finished with Chocolate tart.  Top menu, with no set wine flight (yup we're food snobs) we (with the help of the very attentive waitress) fashioned our own, with a lovely Shiraz and nice Tokay to finish.

Here's the view from the Southgate shopping area !


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