Monday 15 June 2015

Facebook hardware

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You might of heard of OCP, Facebook Open sourcing it's hardware designs (Facebook righty state that hardware is not a competitive advantage to them), so making it freely available to anyone doesn't hurt them.

They started doing this around 6-7 years ago and now it's starting to become mainstream.  A couple of points in this article jumped out at me though...

Firstly that  "Goldman Sachs has committed that "80% of its servers would be OCP." It will only buy regular commercial servers for oddball, outlier applications, where it doesn't make sense to spend time on custom designs.

And secondly that HP is now becoming an OCP partner, and will build a range of OCP compatible hardware, which is cannibalising their own server line up, but it's an interesting move by HP, and one to keep an eye on.

Full article here :


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