Tuesday 23 June 2015

Open container project

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We've not delved in to containers at work yet (still working on walking before running), but already some of our key suppliers are talking to us about providing future versions of their software as containers.

Therefore we'll need to get on that journey, and with all these types of emerging technologies, choosing the right horse to back is always a key decision.  Docker has clearly led the market, and is a real buzzword at the moment, but with the recent play Microsoft have made with the Microserver announcements, the market is becoming more crowded.

This all got more complicated when some of the vendors (Docker) started talking about different standards, which was never going to help the consumer.

So the announcement at Dockercom yesterday (neatly summarised by TechCrunch here), where all the big players (Docker, CoreOS, Google, Microsoft, VMWare Amazon etc.) will all play nicely together, with docker donating their container format is a massive boon for us consumers.

It was also interesting to note that the odd one out (it seems to me) in the Open Container Project is Goldman Sachs, everyone else is a technology company.  Interesting move for a bank, but clearly one that thinks of itself also as a technology company


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